Stage : Attaché de presse chez Hurrah

Publiée le 19.12.2017

Hurrah is a Paris-based creative advertising agency focused on bringing mainstream brands such as Nestlé, Danone or HP into the esports arena. Our credo : Never create ads we wouldn't want to see. Every talented member of Hurrah's team puts their passion for gaming first.

As esports and gaming fanatics, co-founders Angela Natividad & Mathieu Lacrouts launched Hurrah after wondering, "Why aren't mainstream brands doing anything cool for esports fans ? ". Helped by a team of 12, they have at heart to help brands creating meaningful and engaging experiences with esports audiences.


You excel at untilting teammates in your promotion games. You start all games with “/all gl,HF”. Your’re awarded in all your LoL with 4 Super Leader honors. You can reach top #1 in PUBG and get a winner winner chicken dinner using only your in-game voice chat... without killing anyone. You can easily convince your parents or partner that tonight’s LAN is more important than anything else. When you play Overwatch on PC, you change your keyboard language based on the character you’re playing.

And you genuinely think esports is the sports of the digital generation — so you can’t understand why more brands haven’t jumped in yet.

If esports is your dream gig, but a lack of relevant roles has you inventing CEO quotes elsewhere, you’re the player we’re looking for!


Work with us to develop an internal and external communications strategy
Write and distribute press releases
Form critical relationships with journalists
Monitor critical conferences and business events
Ensure voice is aligned with our values


An esports lover who wants to turn that passion into a career. You’re not afraid of international accounts. Your English is strong enough to hold a professional conversation with partners (teams, tournament organizers, leagues, publishers), and you have excellent written skills. You may not be a pro-gamer (yet), but you’re a pro at establishing a comms strategy in a multicultural environment; writing cool content is a child’s play.

Send your French or English resume, social links & info about the games you like to play to (subject: Hurrah for Communications Management! — Your Name Here).
Include a quick email about why we should pick you. (None of that “To Whom It May Concern” stuff.)

Contrat : Stage

Salaire : Legal internship indemnisation + 50% of transportation pass + Restaurant tickets

Durée : Between 4 and 6 months

Date de début : Dès que possible.

Adresse : 41 rue Saint Ferdinand, 75017 Paris


Nathalie Breter