Stage : Chef de projet éditorial chez Hurrah

Publiée le 21.10.2016

We love esports as much as we love advertising... so we spend our days doing both! We are Hurrah, the creative ad agency that's 100% dedicated to esports.


Alongside a project manager, an art director and a copywriter, you’ll help conceive and manage creative advertising campaigns, from monitoring and implementing Facebook ads campaign (yes, there will be numbers) to writing cool press release. Your legendary phrasing will help us write esports contents so on point that you’ll make streamers jealous. Other stuff you’ll do:

Implement and oversight social media ads campaigns
Follow and track esports tournaments and existing leagues
Monitor competitive gaming sites and news in both France and abroad (from Reddit to Esports Observer to team aAa)
Keep an eye on rising streamers across platforms, including Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Dailymotion Games, and Hitbox
We’re still small, so there’s plenty of room for your witty turns of phrase and global vision to make an impact, both within the agency and outside of it! Help us impact the destiny of Hurrah and the esports arena. Make sure everything you produce and manage is authentic to the esports community, and as cool for them to read as it is for you to write.


You are devastated that the Kappa emote doesn’t exist on Facebook or Twitter. You’re among the few people in LoL that uses W to check out everything your teammates have said so far. Your top window in Steam is set to community. And you genuinely think that esports are the sports for the digital generation—so you can’t understand why more brands haven’t jumped in.

Hurrah is a Paris-based creative advertising agency focused on bringing mainstream brands into the esports arena, and we’re looking for a editorial project manager to join us for an internship. If esports is your dream gig, but a lack of relevant internships sent you slinging copy for banks or telecoms instead, you’re the player we’re looking for!

An esports aficionado with a first internship experience in an advertising agency who wants to turn that passion into a career. Ideally, you’ve worked on a few international accounts.Your English is strong enough to hold a professional conversation with our partners (teams, tournaments, leagues, publishers), and you love engaging with people in the community.

But you’re not myopic, either: From movies to television to web TV to press and blogs, you absorb whatever catches your fancy to sharpen your creative edge. And since starting to read this internship offer, you’ve already started thinking about what creative ideas you can toss into the pot.

Most importantly, though, you’ll need to know esports like your intern depends on it (because, well… it will).

Contrat : Stage

Salaire : Selon profil

Durée : 6 mois

Date de début : Dès que possible.

Adresse : 8 rue de levis, 75017 Paris


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